Engine Rebuild

I decided to take the engine to Wholesale Automotive Machine in San Diego.  They had good reviews on Yelp! plus they were nearby.

After dropping the engine off, I left with a great first impression.  The folks there were friendly and genuinely willing to answer all of my questions.  They had no problem with me coming in from time to time to take pictures of the engine during the rebuild process and they were thrilled to work on an old Slant Six 🙂

Here they had just gotten the engine torn apart.


Here’s a bunch of engine parts.


The head has been all cleaned up but hasn’t been machined yet.


Here’s the engine block, all cleaned up.02-slant-six-block-cleaned 03-slant-six-block-cleaned 04-slant-six-block-cleaned

Getting ready to do some work on the cam shaft.  Rocker arm assembly in the foreground.


The new pistons arrived!


Preparing to resurface the engine block.  The head (in foreground) will be next.


Letting the machine do the work.  It uses a special “carbonate” bit (expensive sucker.  It’s about the size of a dime and costs $80!).  It takes off a very thin layer with each pass (about 0.003″ or 3 mils).



Brand new valves will be installed.


Here’s a shot of the bearings.  You can see the hole inside the bore where oil comes out to lubricate the crankshaft.


Polishing the cylinder walls.


Block is assembled and painted!


Finally!  They got the engine all put back together and painted Chrysler Blue!  They run it on this machine which turns the crankshaft around 300 – 500 RPM.  This allows them to test oil pressure and also make sure nothing is binding.


Everything checked out OK.  Pistons are 0.060″ oversize.   Compression was 175psi across the board.  Sure looks a ton better than it did a week ago!

The guys at Wholesale Automotive Machine did a fantastic job.  Turnaround time was fast too: about a week and a half from start to finish!

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