Teardown Complete

With the car stripped down to its shell, it’s time to find a body shop that can erase 41 years of age and make this car look like new again.

Here’s how it looked right before the teardown began:


During the tear down process, I found several “problem areas” such as this rust along the windshield


I had left some old rubber mats in the trunk.  They sat there for years and I wasn’t aware that water had gotten under them and rusted through the trunk pan in a few places.  Bummer.


Driver’s side drip rail had rusted pretty badly:


Closeup of driver’s side drip rail rust.  This section will need to be rebuilt.  It’s rusted completely through.


A little bit of rust on the roof above the passenger front window:


Rust on both rocker panels:




Floor pan rust.  I’ll await the advice of the body shop on whether this can be repaired or if it would be better to just replace the floor pan.


Closeup of the driver’s side which is in the worst shape:


Little bit of rust in the rear but not so bad:


There’s one place on the car where the seams are too wide.  It’s where the passenger door meets the cowl and the front fender:


As a comparison, look how nicely the driver’s side fits together (also notice some more rust on the corner of the windshield):


Here’s another shot of the gap between the passenger door and the fender:


I did manage to get a good amount of the old undercoating off.  The front wheel wells are looking pretty clean.


I got most of the old undercoating removed from the rear end as well.Scamp-undercarriage-rear-clean

With the rear wheels temporarily installed and this jack wheel on the front, it makes it easy to push the car around and hopefully will facilitate getting the car onto a flatbed to tow to the body shop.


2 thoughts on “Teardown Complete”

  1. I really like the front wheel/K-frame you fabricated to transport the car. I am sorry about the rust you found. I will look up on your blog now and then as I have time. If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

  2. Congratulations on the progress you have made so far. It looks like you are doing a careful and thoughtful restoration on your Plymouth. I’ve added my link to my restoration page for my Mercury Lynx / Ford Escort which is being restored to be a 1984 Escort GT SVO Turbo tribute car.

    I’ve bookmarked your site to keep tabs on your high-quality restoration efforts. Thanks for creating this online document of your work.


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