Transmission Reassembly

I cleaned the case and extension housing with a wire wheel.  A new bushing was pressed into the end of the extension housing.


A fresh coat of DupliColor Ceramic Aluminum Engine paint was applied.  This paint withstands oils and chemicals and tolerates high temperatures up to 500 degrees F.IMG_0461

Cleaning the oil pump housing with a wire wheel.IMG_0462

Fresh coat of paint applied to oil pump housing.IMG_0463

Putting the sprag clutch assembly back together.IMG_0467

When it came time to rebuild one of the clutch assemblies, I needed a special tool to compress the return spring enough so that I could release a retaining clip.  I didn’t have the tool so I got creative and made one with supplies bought from The Home Depot.IMG_0469

I used PhotoShop to make a template showing where I should put the scribe marks on a 3″ diameter section of ABS pipe.IMG_0470

I scribed the marks then using a hole saw, I cut out three sections of the pipe forming three “legs”IMG_0471

Then I just tightened the wing nut enough to compress the spring and safely release the clip.IMG_0472

This picture shows the spring being compressed and if you look closely you can see the two ends of the retaining clip.IMG_0473

Clutch disassembled!  I replaced the friction surfaces and seals.IMG_0474

Here’s the piston that goes inside the clutch.  Getting it installed back into the clutch was a little tricky.  The new seal kept wanting to catch on the bore of the clutch housing.  IMG_0475

I ended up cutting up a plastic file folder and wrapping it around the inside bore of the clutch housing.  Then I gently guided the piston all the way down.  Once the piston was seated properly, I pulled the green plastic guide out.IMG_0476

Installing the output shaft.IMG_0477

Installing the planetary gear and clutch assemblies.IMG_0478

By this point, I had gotten most of the parts reinstalled.  Just needed to put the extension housing on.IMG_0479

All done (and no leftover parts :-)!  I never thought I could rebuild an automatic transmission but some YouTube videos and that blue Automatic Transmission Guide book in the picture below gave me the confidence I needed to tackle this project.IMG_0592