Transmission Reassembly

I cleaned the case and extension housing with a wire wheel.  A new bushing was pressed into the end of the extension housing.


A fresh coat of DupliColor Ceramic Aluminum Engine paint was applied.  This paint withstands oils and chemicals and tolerates high temperatures up to 500 degrees F.IMG_0461

Cleaning the oil pump housing with a wire wheel.IMG_0462

Fresh coat of paint applied to oil pump housing.IMG_0463

Putting the sprag clutch assembly back together.IMG_0467

When it came time to rebuild one of the clutch assemblies, I needed a special tool to compress the return spring enough so that I could release a retaining clip.  I didn’t have the tool so I got creative and made one with supplies bought from The Home Depot.IMG_0469

I used PhotoShop to make a template showing where I should put the scribe marks on a 3″ diameter section of ABS pipe.IMG_0470

I scribed the marks then using a hole saw, I cut out three sections of the pipe forming three “legs”IMG_0471

Then I just tightened the wing nut enough to compress the spring and safely release the clip.IMG_0472

This picture shows the spring being compressed and if you look closely you can see the two ends of the retaining clip.IMG_0473

Clutch disassembled!  I replaced the friction surfaces and seals.IMG_0474

Here’s the piston that goes inside the clutch.  Getting it installed back into the clutch was a little tricky.  The new seal kept wanting to catch on the bore of the clutch housing.  IMG_0475

I ended up cutting up a plastic file folder and wrapping it around the inside bore of the clutch housing.  Then I gently guided the piston all the way down.  Once the piston was seated properly, I pulled the green plastic guide out.IMG_0476

Installing the output shaft.IMG_0477

Installing the planetary gear and clutch assemblies.IMG_0478

By this point, I had gotten most of the parts reinstalled.  Just needed to put the extension housing on.IMG_0479

All done (and no leftover parts :-)!  I never thought I could rebuild an automatic transmission but some YouTube videos and that blue Automatic Transmission Guide book in the picture below gave me the confidence I needed to tackle this project.IMG_0592

3 thoughts on “Transmission Reassembly”

  1. Great job! It’s fantastic that you decided to dive in and learn this hands on. Just like you, I also have had to make “tools” through the years to get to the next step. Cleanliness and patience are the key ingredients needed to do this type of work. Now that you have done this task, you will feel much more confident on doing other parts of the car.

  2. I’m about to go through this exact experience with the A904 on my Wrangler. If you have any other words of advise it would be much appreciated. I have no experience in transmission maintenance other than a routine fluid flush or filter service. I do however have plenty of experience in rebuilding engines.

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